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Yumas was born in 1975, a brand which, thanks to the work, the quality of its materials and the most current ideas, has managed to keep going for more than 35 years in such a competitive market as sports footwear, today becoming classic brand that's “always been around.” A continuous commitment to offering customers the best value for money makes us a classic, as well as enabling us to be placed as one of the best companies in the sector.


Yumas gives you more Guarantee, thanks to the experience of three generations in the world of footwear who continue working every day to offer new trends depending on the continuously evolving tastes of an audience who demand more and more. It is our reason for working hard and doing so better each time.


With a powerful image, easy to remember and clearly identifiable, young and constantly evolving, it adapts perfectly to the tastes and preferences of new consumers, who are looking for a dynamic, comfortable and above all, different shoe, Yumas footwear, quality footwear.

Do you have any questions about Yumas? We are more than happy to answer them, you just need to contact us, and we will be delighted to help.


Yumas wants to help with the sustainable development of society and the surroundings in which it engages.


    • Reduction in the production of waste and recycling.

    • A conscious team.

    • We share commitments with the entire staff.

We reduce the production of waste and recycling. In addition, the cardboard and plastic used in the packaging of our products is fully recycled.

A conscious team. We share commitments with the entire staff. Communication campaigns and specific training plans to make the staff aware.


      • Environmentally-friendly fabrics

      • We manufacture without using PVC.

Materials derived from non-biodegradable oil are not used, free of PVCs.

All of the animal-based products used in our models come exclusively from animals bred on farms for food and animals are not, under any circumstances, slaughtered exclusively for the sale of their leather.


At Yumas, we support our distributors with different marketing campaigns at a national and international level to strengthen the brand and boost sales.

We provide displays and shelves to the point of sale to decorate their store and we offer continuous offers to attract buyers.

We also carry out a powerful TELEVISION campaign to reach the customer who is more and more demanding and looking for quality in products.

For this reason, we can say that YUMAS competes at a high level and its distributors benefit from this.