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A complete range comprised of captivating options that are really in fashion.

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Always maintaining the unmistakeable character that characterises this brand with more than 35 years of history.

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Doing sport, heading to the beach, going on long walks or simply being comfortable. At Yumas we have a style for every moment.

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Yumas shoes have been with you for more than 35 years, we are a “classic” brand. During all of this time we have had an unmistakeable character, style and values, that have allowed us to get to where we are: the cutting-edge of footwear and sports shoes.

We began in the eighties, the era when we went back to the future, when the Rubik´s Cube became a must-have item in every home, when the World Cup was played in Spain, and when we grew up alongside E.T, Inspector Gadget and many others that defined an era.

But, just as we have grown up, so too have sports shoes undergone a revolution. And this was certainly the case at Yumas. We have moved beyond an era when sports footwear was solely for doing sport. However, throughout the years there has been a transition in this concept, bringing us to where we are today. We can now see how so-called “sports shoes” have become more than that, they are now: fashion.

Currently, the shoes you can use to go to the gym, go running or play padel are no longer just sports shoes. Now, your trainers are fashionable, they are cool, they form the basis of celebrity street style. Shoes for men, women and children have become items whose comfort you can make the most of and adapt to your daily life, but they have also become your ally when it comes to wearing the latest trends and creating your own individual and authentic urban looks.

Do sport, head to the beach, go on long walks, meet up with your friends, or simply, feel comfortable, and be yourself. At Yumas, we encourage you to do so. Put on a pair of Yumas and be fashionable.

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